I’ve been to Iceland twice;  my first trip was in 2017, partly just because I fancied visiting there and partly for landscape photography, with a view to the spectacular autumn colours and waterfalls.  I traveled  with Northshots Photo Adventures, who were excellent and helpful in every way – despite the rather dull weather, mostly thick cloud and dull light with occasional rain, they did their best to advise us on how to make the most of it!

My second trip, in the spring of 2018, was to a remote peninsula in the Westfjords area of Iceland, where the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is located.  The primary purpose this time was to take pictures of Arctic Foxes, which are protected in this area.  The trip was again organised through Northshots Photo Adventures, in conjunction with Iceland-based Borea Adventures, who manage the Kvíar Lodge in Kvíadalur Valley, set at the edge of the water with a panoramic view over the big Jökulfirðir Bay.  There are no roads in the area;  the lodge can only be reached by boat, using an inflatable to land on the beach.  The lodge can be seen in a couple of the pictures in the Gallery.  Sightings of Arctic Fox are pretty much guaranteed, and if the nights are clear and dark, the Aurora Borealis can be spectacular here.

These pictures are a selection of the many I took during both trips;  the weather was not always the best, but this is to be expected in Iceland – you just have to make the most of it!

These wildlife images are also for sale as royalty-free stock photographs;  if you’re interested in purchasing any of them, click here – My Iceland Portfolio – to view the wildlife pictures from the above and others that are available.