Wildlife and Landscapes in the UK

Here’s a slideshow with a few of my favourite wildlife and landscape images from the UK.  Scroll down to see more.

In the UK, wildlife photography for me generally means birds – most large animals have been eliminated either by hunting or habitat loss, or at best reduced to small numbers in remote places.  And the smaller animals that still remain have learnt that it is best to steer clear of humans, so they aren’t easy to find.  Birds on the whole are better protected and have places reserved for them – thanks RSPB – so they’re easier, although the rarer ones tend to be difficult.

I’m not young any more, or particularly fit or able to stalk long distances in harsh weather, so I usually just take pictures of easy stuff in accessible locations, preferably from established hides… but still, I occasionally run across good sightings of mammals and I am particularly fond of seabirds, which can usually be found and photographed with little difficulty, at least in spring and summer.

And there’s always pictures of the landscapes and countryside to be had, so I’ve included those too.

So, here are a few of my pictures from the UK – mostly Scotland and the north of England as that’s where I’m based.  I hope you like them.

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