As I mention on the Home page, one of my favourite subjects for photographs is wildlife – even before I took photography seriously I enjoyed travelling and wild places, and took pictures when I could. Some of the pictures in these galleries were taken years ago and are scanned film, but with the advent of modern digital cameras it all became much easier, so now I spend quite a lot of time (and money) at what has become my main interest.

I’m not young any more though, or particularly fit or able to walk long distances in harsh weather, so now I usually just take pictures of easy stuff in accessible locations, or from established hides – and if I travel abroad, I like to join with a group of others on a photographic wildlife workshop of some sort so everything is arranged, hopefully with knowledgeable local guides.

And while I’m travelling about, it’s always an option to get a few pictures of the landscapes as well, so in the galleries for some of the countries I’ve included a number of those as well as wildlife.

The slideshow below shows a selection of wildlife photographs from various locations, both in the UK and abroad. To display pictures of wildlife and landscapes from specific countries, click on the drop down links in the menu above.